Xero Services

Run The Books is proud to be an official Xero Silver Partner.

We’ve put together a quick Xero guide to help our new clients understand how Xero works. In short, it’s the best online accounting system we’ve ever used, and it helps businesses of all sizes tackle their bookkeeping and accounting online, with our help.

What is Xero?

Xero is a cloud accounting tool that’s ideal for sole traders, small businesses and limited companies. Rather than keeping a record of your books and accounts on paper, Xero allows you to track everything in a secure online interface.

By logging on through any web browser, you can issue invoices, keep track of sales, record sales data and get an at-a-glance view of amounts due or overdue. Run The Books also have a login to your Xero account so that we can oversee and administer the bookkeeping as and when it’s needed.

How can Xero help me?

Xero can automatically pull in your bank data using online imports from most major UK banks. That means the details in your Xero account always precisely match the transactions you’ve made, and it’s easy to match those banking imports with your invoices, receipts and other data.

Run The Books categorises and explains these transactions as they come in, using electronic copies of receipts and other paperwork, so you always have a complete, up-to-date set of accounts to refer to.

At year end, it’s easy for your accountant to access your data by inviting them to view your Xero account – no more days spent agonising over piles of receipts and paperwork. From day-to-day, you’ll be able to see how your books are doing via your computer, smartphone or tablet PC.

Run The Books and Xero: perfect partners

Even though Xero is easy-to-use, you’ll still need the expertise of a bookkeeper to ensure your financial data is being recorded accurately. That’s where we come in. By regularly monitoring your Xero account, we can ensure transaction data is recorded in the right way, and we’ll even chase overdue amounts on your behalf.

When you need to make a note of expenses, credit notes and payroll information, Run The Books will handle all the administration on your behalf, leaving you free to get on with running your business – not your books.